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Specializing in the production of a full range of timing pulleys, gears, sprockets and timing belts and other precision transmission components.

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Professional team

With a professional R&D and design team, we focus on cooperating with customers in the design of new product drawings and have repeatedly overcome technical difficulties over the years, providing customers with a full range of synchronous pulley drive.

Quality trust

Through strict IQC testing, PQC testing, and FQC testing, a sound quality testing system has been established. All products have obtained IS9001:2000 certification. High-precision testing equipment is used to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

Intimate service

To meet the high-precision, high-demand, high-difficulty timing pulley customization needs. Track production to ensure order fulfillment. Provide free technical consultation after sales, and promise to solve the problem within 24 hours if there is any dispute.

About XL Group

We are a professional design, production and sales of various specifications of timing pulleys, timing belts and gears, sprockets, worm gears, V-ribbed pulleys, V-ribbed belts and other products. With the increase of production capacity year by year, the sales field continues to expand. In addition to the domestic market, the product sales have been exported to the European and American markets.

Features of synchronous pulley

The synchronous pulley is mainly matched with the synchronous toothed belt drive of rubber or polyurethane (PU) material. Compared with the traditional V-belt drive, chain drive and gear drive, it has a large speed ratio range, high expansion strength, low noise, high transmission power, With the characteristics of long service life and low maintenance cost, it is an indispensable transmission accessory in precision mechanical transmission equipment in various industries.

Application of synchronous pulley

Synchronous pulleys are widely used in machine tools, textiles, tobacco, food, packaging, printing, home appliances, petrochemicals, fitness equipment, building materials, electronics and other mechanical transmission fields. The material is mainly carbon steel, and it can also be processed by users. The synchronous pulley made of aluminum alloy and nylon and other profiles, if the outer diameter of the pulley is larger than 250mm, is usually made of cast iron.

Products Center

Specializing in the production of various specifications of synchronous pulleys, synchronous belts, gears, sprockets, worm gears, V-ribbed pulleys, V-ribbed belts and other products

XL type synchronous pulley
L-type timing pulley
T5 type synchronous pulley
S2M-A type synchronous pulley
S2M-K-B type synchronous pulley
MXL-K·B type synchronous pulley
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Application field

Widely used in automobile machinery, cigarette machinery, elevator equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, home appliances, chemicals, electronics, steel and other major transmission fields.

Auto machinery

Elevator machinery

Packaging Machinery

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For customized synchronous pulley, please provide the pulley drawing (all dimensions of the pulley must be drawn on the way). Our company can also draw the pulley drawing according to the model, inner hole, chain groove, width and other dimensions provided by the user.